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Capt. Tommy Countz's Matagorda Fishing Report

Fishing Report for May 2, 2016


Well I've been back from Corpus for a couple of weeks and it's been really good fishing my home waters again. I believe that the spring fishing in Matagorda might be some of the best that we've had in several years. The very first day that I was back, we went to West Bay to see if any tripletail had come in. Conditions were good but a hard day of fishing only produced one 6# tail. Later that day my buddies Ronnie Bose and Gary Krenek fished for them and also caught one that weighed 22#. The conclusion was that they haven't moved in in force yet but should be here soon.
The next couple of trips were to East Matagorda Bay where we drifted some big mud flats on the east end that had a lot of bait on it. There had been some big trout caught off of it the previous day with one 10 pound trout that was over 31".
Anyway I took Bill and William VonGonten there on Saturday and we caught plenty of trout but only boxed seven with none having any size. The next day I had Keith and Marshall Dodson and Marshall's sons, Barrett and Ben. We drifted the same area with more wind and dirty water. The fishing was pretty slow and our window of opportunity was closing as some storms were approaching from the west. Slow that is until 15 year old Barrett hooked up with a big fish. He played it with the skill of a seasoned veteran angler until I slipped the net under her and the battle ended. The trout weighed in at 7 lb. and measured a tad over 27 inches. We measured, weighed, photographed, and released her. I expect, given the bloodline that he comes from, that Barrett will top that fish many times over in his fishing endeavors. After we released the big trout I announced," Now it's time for these boys to come down to Baffin!"
My next trip was wading West Bay with John Obenhaus, his son John, and his son-in-law Clay. We had an east wind so I started our first wade along a grassy shore lined with small shell reefs. We were throwing Mirrolure Black Magic soft shad on 1/8th ounce lead heads. Not long out of the boat they stared hooking up with redfish stringing two and releasing several short ones. As we waded I noticed a group of gulls working over a spot a couple of hundred yards away. I also noticed the water blowing up under them. We quickly loaded in the boat and idled just up wind of them. When we waded within casting distance our casts were met with hookups on almost ever toss. When the dust settled we had strung a dozen nice specks and released at least that many short fish. The pressure was off because we only needed three more trout to limit. Later we found another bunch of birds that we could wade to and easily finished our limit.
This coming week I have Wednesday open and several weekdays the following week. Fishing is good in Matagorda and is just getting started.
On a sad note, Matagorda and Texas lost a damn good fisherman this past week. Charlie Beyer passes after a brief battle with cancer. Charlie and I have been friends for over 40 years and he was fishing with me in Baffin only three weeks ago. His death came like a lightening bolt to me and all who knew him. A loss like this makes you realize how fragile life can be and how very quick it can end. Charlie may be gone physically but he will live forever in the memories of his family and friends. I'm just glad that I had that time with him a couple of weeks ago. The last day that we fished Charlie and I sat on the boat and visited for about an hour recanting past stories that we had shared together. Little did I know that it would be our last visit.

To be a part of my fishing adventures, call me at 281-450-4037, email me at or go to my web site .
Here's hope you have some great days on the bay's.
Capt. Tommy Countz

Capt. Tommy Countz
P O Box 637
Matagorda, Tx 77457


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