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Established in 1827, the community of Matagorda is but a short 2 hour drive southwest of Houston, Texas. As as a great fishing destination, Matagorda is becoming increasingly well known....and here's why....One very special thing about Matagorda is that you have lots of options...all types of fishing action is to be had...bays, river, diversion channel, intracoastal water way, beach front surf, jetties, jetty pier, inland lakes, offshore.....and more!

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The MatagordaBay system is divided into East Matagorda Bay and West Matagorda Bay by what was the Colorado River. The true river now has been diverted into West Matagorda Bay and continues to build an ever changing environment there. The shorelines of both East and West bays frequently produce above averge stringers of trout and redfish. With firm sand bottoms these grassy shoreline are a waders paradise, tossin' a top water lure or a gold spoon among the flats waiting for that rod bending strike from a monster red or trout. Another favorite technique is live lining croaker or finger mullet around the numerous oyster beds found in east or west bay...This often results in great hits from trophy trout....be ready for a super fight!!

Another technique to try is "bird chasing" on either bay. Stacking up over a feeding frenzy of trout, feeding seagulls are sure-fire indcator of trout below. Limits of legal size trout can be had with a few short drifts through these areas while free shrimping shrimp, croaker or mullet behind the boat awaiting the swift strike that will be coming shortly. If you grow tired of reeling in trout throughout the bays and are looking for some familiar jetty or surf action.

Beginning with mid summer and its light southeast winds, the surf action around these parts are among the best found along the gulf coast. Along the beaches on either side of the Colorado mouth hold larger sow trout and the bull reds. With a few casts of a broken back or heavy spoon out along the second or third sand bar, you may not have to wait long before a hook up with one of these much sought after fish. With strong currents in the area tend to make the fight that much more difficult and any angler braving the waters would be wise to be wearing a good life jacket. Remember, safety first!

Another great aspect of fishing the Matagorda system is its close proximity to deep water just offshore. Unlike the over trafficked Galveston area just down the coast, the waters just a few miles off the coast of Matagorda are deep and blue, with a wide variety of offshore species of game fish waiting to be caught.

When fishing the Matagorda area, be sure to bring a good map....If your really determined to learn the area quickly, contact one of the excellent guides in this serious fishing community. They should be able to give you a good head start in learning all the details of fishing the Matagorda Bay area.

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