Matagorda Texas fishing guides for Matagorda Bay and Matagorda offshore fishing at Matagorda, Texas

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Matagorda Fishing Guides
( and Sargent Texas )
Matagorda Bay and Offshore Charters

These guides fish East and West Matagorda Bays. Some trips may depart out of Sargent, TX,
so be sure to confirm with your guide time and departure.
Capt. Tommy Alexander
Alexander Guide Service
Capt. Gene Allen
Living Waters Guide Service (Sargent TX)
Capt. Ken Marshall
Capt. Ken's Guide Service
Capt. Chris Orms
Capt. Coach Floyd Ciruti
KneeDeep Fishing
Capt. Charlie Paradoski
Bay Guide Service
Capt. Tommy Countz
Tommy's Guide Service
Capt. Scott Reeh
Assault the Salt Guide Service
Capt. "Redfish" Raymond Cox
Redfish Raymond Cox Guide Service
Capt. Jimmy Riddle
Riddle's Guide Service
Capt. Rob Cumming
Gulf Coast Guide Service
Capt. Michael Rolf
Michael's Guide Service
Capt. Matthew David
No Slack Guide Service
Capt. Ken Sabine
Captain Ken Sabin Guide Service
Capt. Stan Sloan
Fin Tastic Coastal Charters
Capt. Ron Frasier
Matagorda Fishing Buddies
(Bay and Offshore)
Capt. Scott Sparks
Reel Deal Charters
Capt. Jeff Gerrans
Cha Ching Offshore Charters
Capt. Glenn Ging
Glenn's Guide Service
Capt. Mark Talasek
Talasek Guide Service
Capt. Bink Grimes
Bink Grimes Outdoors
Capt. John Turner
Palacios Fishing Adventures
Captain Kenneth Hauff
Saltgrass Charters
Capt. Hank Huitt
Palacios Guide Service
Captain Marty Van Dyke
Matagorda Bay Guide Service
Pure Salt Adventures
Captain Kendall Kersh
Capt. Kevin Kosik
Kosik's Guide Service
Capt. Daniel Kubecka
Run-n-Gun Adventures
Capt. Walt Wendtland
Doublesteal Fishing
Captain Aaron Wollam
Palacios Guide Service
Capt. Gary Luetge
Fin and Feathers Guide Service (Sargent)
Capt. Don Wood
Don Wood Guide Service

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